Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heading Further South

Rufous-winged Tanager

 Termas Papallacta Lodge (2008)
Preparing for our trip to Ecuador. The packing process in an RV is a bit more complicated than when we were in Appleton where we had a spare bedroom to layout bags. Now, our packing has to be more structured, otherwise, we’re tripping over things. We have less “stuff” and yet that which we have, gets in the way!

No, we're not DRIVING to Ecuador (although wouldn't that be an adventure!). Our flight path starts in McAllen, Texas where we depart at 5:30 a.m.. On to Houston where we'll be joined by four more of our group who have flown from Wisconsin. Then on to Panama City, Panama where we'll connect to our flight to Guayaquil, Ecuador. The four remaining members of our group are flying in from Illinois and Maine and will converge in Guayaquil about the same time we arrive.
Our itinerary runs something like this (name of province in brackets):
Wed Feb 3
arrive Guayquil, Ecuador (Guayas)

overnight Hotel Continental
Thu Feb 4
explore Guayaquil

overnight Hotel Continental
Fri Feb 5
Cerro Blanco, (Guayas)

overnight Hotel Roland, Zaruma
Sat Feb 6
JFR Buenaventura (El Ora)

overnight Hotel Roland, Zaruma
Sun Feb 7
El Empalme (Loja)

overnight Hotel Santigyn, Macará
Mon Feb 8
JFR Jorupe (Loja)

overnight Hotel Santigyn, Macará
Tue Feb 9
Sozoranga (Loja)

overnight Hotel Santigyn, Macará
Wed Feb 10
JFR Utuana Reserve (Loja)

Catamayo Valley (Loja)

overnight Hosteria Izhcayluma, Vilcabama
Thu Feb 11
Podocarpus NP (Zamora-chincipe)

overnight Hosteria Izhcayluma, Vilcabama
Fri Feb 12
Tapichalaca (Zamora-chincipe)

overnight Hosteria Izhcayluma, Vilcabama
Sat Feb 13
revisit Tapichalaca (Zamora-chincipe)

overnight Copalinga Lodge
Sun Feb 14
revisit Podacarpus NP

overnight Copalinga Lodge
Mon Feb 15
Old Zomora Rd (Zamora-chincipe)

overnight Copalinga Lodge
Tue Feb 16
revisit Podacarpus NP

overnight Hosteria Duran, Cuenca
Wed Feb 17
El Cajas (Azuay)

overnight Hotel Continental, Guayquil

Begin trip extension:
Thu Feb 18
Ayampe (Manabi)

overnight Mantaraya Lodge
Fri Feb 19
Puerto Lopez/Machailia NP

overnight Mantaraya Lodge
Sat Feb 20
revisit Ayampe (Manabi)

overnight Hotel Continental, Guayquil
Sun Feb 21
depart Ecuador
 Our travels in southern Ecuador will take us through a variety of habitats that will include lowland semi-humid coastal plain, tropical dry forest, coastal cloud forest, foothill forests, dry desert scrub, bamboo-dominated highland scrub, paramo grasslands, upper subtropical forest and temperate cloud forests. Elevations as we traverse the east and west slopes of the Andes will range from sea level up past 13,000 feet. You can imagine why packing the correct clothing for such an outing is so tricky!
To give you some indication of what birds we expect to encounter here is a link to the Tropical Birding web site where several trip reports are available to read:
Select the most current reports for Southern Ecuador. The itinerary is very close to what we'll experience.
José Illanos, Tropical Birding
As always we’ll be traveling with our good friend Richard Garrigues (Gone Birding). Our guide from Tropical birding will again be José Illanos from our 2008 northern Ecuador adventure.
 Our 2008 trip group (Richard: back row, furthest left)
An account of our trip will eventually be posted. In the meantime here's a link to our 2008 journal:

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