Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Chair Has the Floor

Stripes - we liked the color and how
it broke up the texture of the RV
It has been our experience that a lot of RV furniture might be fine for weekends or vacations but when one lives in their RV fulltime as we do, comfort and style is important to us.
If you’ve been following our blog you will recall we replaced our original RV sofa with one from Simplicity Sofas and that we were thrilled with the result. So much so that we decided to replace our one remaining swivel chair (our second chair that came with the RV had been left with Kings Campers). Not long after our return from Ecuador we placed an order for the chair style and size we knew would work. We then picked out a fabric that we found to be attractive for our RV interior.
As with our first order, Jeff Frank, Simplicity Sofas owner, was a dream to deal with. Not a bricks and mortar storefront, the business is conducted online and by telephone.
Jeff kept us up to speed on the chair’s progress knowing full well we would need to have the chair before we left Bentsen Palm Village RV. Last week the chair shipped. Last Friday we confirmed a deliver date with UPS freight. Yesterday, Monday, the chair arrived.
As with the sofa, the chair came well packed and protected in three shipping cartons. It took less than ten minutes to assemble the chair. It took me longer to cut up the corrugated cartons for recycling. And we couldn’t be more pleased with how it looks and “sits”.
Since our old chair was still in good shape, we donated it to a family in need here in the Rio Grande Valley. Everyone came out a winner.
The old chair - really, really boring and
not terribly well-built for our needs
So. If you are looking for well-built, well-designed furniture for tight spaces do yourself a favor and checkout Simplicty Sofas. Or just email Jeff Frank or phone him with your questions. He’ll be more than happy to assist. And if you’re an RV dealer and have customers who are looking for alternative RV furniture, Simplicity Sofas is a contact you should have handy on your Roledex. 


  1. Actually, you're article begs several good questions.

    What would be wrong with ordering the RV without anything BUT the built-in furniture, even having the dealer take out the LCD's for example?

    Sheri and I think it is crazy to pay the RV companies for their furniture. So this article confirms what we have been thinking.

    Also, we've noticed that the couch in our travel trailer badly needs an ottoman. I never see ottomans in RV's?

    Marlan at RV52

  2. We agree and the next time we buy a new RV, (assuming we will) it will be without sofa and chairs. We expect to have this new sofa and chair for years to come. We highly recommend this company. Thanks for asking! Carol

  3. Hi RV Marian - I'm guessing most RV dealers and manufactures offer an option to order an RV without furniture (and then adjust the price accordingly). RV's in stock at a dealer's lot probably wouldn't remove and credit furniture they may not know what to do with. We've spoken with RV dealers at shows and many indicate they will credit a sale if ordered without furniture. Conversely, one can add extras - like extra electrical outlets.

    I see Simplicity Sofas does offer ottomans on their web site. I've seen RV's sold with ottomans but not typically. - Tom